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young dramatic television

Since 2008 Luke has edited television shows for Family Channel, BBC, CBC and APTN, mostly focused on the lives of young people. On these shows, Luke has collaborated with top Canadian talent such as Director X, Warren P. Sonoda, and indy film legend Bruce McDonald.

Malory Towers is a beloved classic UK book series is being re imagined by  Wildbrain and King Bert for BBC Children's (CBBC). Now in Season 4, Luke has been an ongoing creative voice on the series since the first episode. 

Teletubbies, internationally recognized success is being released on Netflix, with new music and scenes added for 2023!

Short Circuits, Apple TV's new anthology series about near-future tech and how high school kids might not know everything they think they do.

The Parker Andersons / Amelia Parker is an intercontinental, interracial, blended family discovering the ups and downs of learning to live together.

Creeped Out is like Black Mirror for kids. This anthology series features unique episodes that each ask a moral question of the characters, promising peril to warnings unheeded. Creeped Out S1 won a BAFTA award for young drama in 2019.

Backstage is a teen drama that takes place at an elite arts high school. Painters, DJs, Actors and Ballet Dancers compete with each other, and themselves for top grades.

(Please request screeners from Luke - )

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