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Luke Sargent's Editing work has been broadcast across the UK, US, Europe, and Canada on TV stations such as Disney, BBC, BYUtv, Syfy, APTN, CBC, and TVO. His films have played world class festivals like Cannes, Tenerife,TIFF, Whistler as well as at the Smithsonian Institute.

Maybe it's just luck, but Luke's episodes on Malory Towers, Circuit Breakers and The Parker Andersons are all voted "Top Rated" by IMDB's reviews. He has also been nominated for many awards over the years, and has won a few.


With a deep background in long-form scripted drama, comedy, and documentary, Luke looks to collaborate other gifted, ambitious, and downright good folks around the globe, while he continues to direct indie films on the side.



Best Editing in a Family or Comedy Series - Nominated "Circuit Breakers" DGC Awards, 2023 

Best Documentary - "The Love Songs of Oedipus Rex" Black and White FF, 2022 

Best Editing in Short Doc – Nominated “The Love Songs of Oedipus Rex" CCE Awards, 2018

Best Editing in Feature Film – “The Cocksure Lads” Tenerife FF, 2015

Best Editing in Animation – Nominated “Indigo” CCE Awards, 2015

Jury Prize in Short Format – “Withheld” Whistler FF, 2015

Best Short Drama - “Indigo” ImagiNative FF, Toronto, 2014

First Place: Feature Comedy - “A Brand New You” Highway 61 FF, 2014

Special Jury Prize - “Concrete Reverie” (director) Toronto Urban FF, 2012


Malory Towers 5 x Seasons  (2019 - 2023) 25min x 30+ Episode - BBC Children's, BYUtv, WildBrain - Director: B. McDonald

Teletubbies (2022) - WildBrain, Netflix - Producers: A. Boudreault, D. Boureé

*Circuit Breakers (2022) 25min x 1 Episode - AppleTV, Aircraft Pictures  - Producers: A. Rosen, A. Leo, M. Hastings

The Parker Andersons / Amelia Parker S1 (2021) 22min x 10 Episodes BYUtv, Marble Media - Showrunner: A.Q. Farrell

The Devil's Advocate - Feature Documentary - H2H Productions - Directors: H. Nosheen, H. Shellmann

Love's Match (2020) TV Movie 90min – Champlain Media, Reel One Entertainment - Director: V. Abramovich

Creeped Out Season 2 (2018) 25min x 3 Episodes - BBC Children's, DHX  - Director: B. McDonald

The Love Songs of Oedipus Rex (2018) Documentary 22min  – CBC, Sargent Films - Producer, Director, Editor

Neverknock (2017) TV Movie 85min – SyFy, Blue Ice, Dandelion

Purl (2017) Short 7min - Director: I. MacMilllan

Stegman is Dead (2016) Feature 94min  - Ravenbanner, Media Asia, Julijette Productions

Backstage Season 1 (2015) 22min x 11 Episodes - Disney, Fresh TV, DHX, Family Channel

* Withheld (2015) Short 14min - Director: J. Sousa

* Mia’ (2015) Animation 6min - Spotted Fawn Inc. Director: A. Strong

* The Cocksure Lads (2014) Feature 98min  -  Spiral Media, A51

* Indigo (2014) Animation 10min - Spotted Fawn Inc. Director: A. Strong

* A Brand New You (2014) Feature 87min - Dangerous Dust Productions

Learning to Ride (2013) Feature 105min - Another Untitled Prod. Director: Michael Hanley

* Concrete Reverie (2012) Animation 1min -Sargent Films Director: L. Sargent

The Offering (2012) Short 19min - CFC (2012) Producers: S. Palucci, C. Agoston, Director: C. Sparkes

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